The Low Carb Myth Is Hurting Your Goals

What is the low carb myth? Many people believe that you have to cut carbs out of your diet in order to lose weight. They end up feeling hungry, have intense cravings, and hate the process. The amount of diets cutting carbs that have popped up over the years is tremendous, and a lot of people who try using this method end up losing motivation and gain any weight that they lost right back.

Low Carbs Kills Metabolism

Yup... You've been lied to. Lowering your carbs or completely trying to take them out of your diet actually causes you to store fat easier. One of the primary reasons for this is a little hormone known as "Leptin".


With so many diets out there from Paleo, to others... It's not your fault. Most fad diets are just that... fads. While it's possible to get results with these fad diets, they are usually short-term and you rebound your weight back... sometimes higher!

You Can Fix It

You can raise back up your leptin levels and start to boost your metabolism again by eating carbs. But, you do have to know how to eat them so you don't get fat. At the bottom of this page I'm offering my book "Metabolic Furnace" for free for a short time. It walks you through this. It's simple, fast, and you won't be starving.

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KatrinaMother & Professional

I'd always heard that carbs were just bad... and that you should avoid them. It sucked eating like that... and then I would binge eat. Knowing how to eat carbs made a big difference, cravings are almost non-existent and I consistently getting results. If you're doing some low or no carb crap... stop now!

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