Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

If you have ever been on a diet, then you know how difficult it is. Besides potentially getting used to reduced food portions, often a person who is on a weight loss program needs to stay very firm in order to avoid certain foods which are high in sugar or fat. Most importantly, dieters need to lose weight and keep it off after dieting successfully.

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For most people, keeping the weight off is almost harder than losing it.

However, nobody wants to spend the rest of their lives on a weight loss program. Therefore, the main aim goal is to exercise and/or diet until you have lost the excess weight and then keep your new ideal weight by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One that is Balanced.


Here is a breakdown of the differences between people who lose weight and keep it of versus those who don’t keep it off.

1. Maintaining a good and healthy diet

People who maintain a good and healthy diet train themselves how to eat properly.

Moreover, it can be very easy to fall back into the bad eating habits such as comfort eating or over eating. Therefore, it is very important to develop an eating a balanced diet daily. Additionally, you should try to incorporate reasonable proportions of vegetables, fruits, grains and lean meat like fish so that you can enjoy the meals.

Variety is king!

This will ensure that you do not get tired and bored with eating the same type of food week after week. Most people fail to keep the weight off simply because they get tired and bored with their food, so they fall back into the bad eating habits.

2. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Once you achieve your weight loss goals, remember that you can eat what you like and enjoy, provided that you do this in moderation. The best way to maintain your ideal weight is eating the same quantities of food that you were eating while on the diet. Don’t increase your food quantity because this will result in weight gain. People who lose weight and keep it off successfully have learned how not to be too hard on themselves.

Therefore, it is vital to learn how to treat yourself. Eating a burger or a slice of pizza once or twice a week will not make you suddenly increase your weight. Such an occasional treat is harmless as long as you are sensible with your diet. Beware that if you do eat something high in sodium, it may temporarily raise your water weight (therefore your overall weight).

It’s what you do consistently that really matters. Don’t cheat for the entire day unless your program instructs that

Most people end up gaining weight after losing it mainly because they are too demanding mainly in terms of what they can eat. Proper weight loss and long-term maintenance is a long-term process.

Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint

3. Keeping up your exercise regime

Losing weight is 70% diet, and 30% exercise

Exercise has many benefits, as you probably already know. It’s main use in weight loss is to accelerate results. It increases your overall metabolism and levels of happiness (yup, it’s proven).

It is of paramount importance to keep up the exercise regime that you had started during your diet. The body responds well to exercise and increased activity, therefore if you stop, you will most likely put the weight back on. Probably not all of it right away, but once you start to gain a little weight you’ll often start a downward spiral.

Therefore you should not consider it a chore. Instead, make the increased activity and exercise part of your daily life. Consider it in a positive light, as something you enjoy as your daily routine. If you’re not enjoying it, change it. There are a million ways to exercise. There is no excuse in not finding something you enjoy.

One guy lost 30 pounds SURFING (with a proper diet). What could you look forward to?

Approaching exercise and increased activity in a positive ways helps you love and enjoy it rather than sighing as you pull on your exercise shoes or moaning as you get on the treadmill. Besides being very keen to get moving, you will also find yourself feeling great especially when you have done your exercise.

Exercise decreases stress, increases the “happy chemicals” in your brain, and tons of other great benefits

You can choose any form of exercise or activity as long as you love it. Another great way of staying active and avoiding getting bored is taking up a new and interesting sport. As long as you love the exercise, you will always find yourself eager to do it.

4. Staying positive and motivated

In order to keep the weight off successfully, you must stay positive and motivated. If you are feeling down and depressed or your motivation is slipping, you are more likely to eat too much and remain inactive. As a result, the weight gain spiral might start again.

If you’re feeling particularly down, try to focus on what you’re grateful for 2 minutes (time it). Then, think about how you will feel after you’ve conquered this day!

Many people gain support and motivation from family and friends. Therefore if you have a friend or colleague who can exercise with you on a regular basis, it will boost your confidence and exercise will feel less like a long lonely road and more as a way of life. By having a group of friends you can talk to with shared goals, it will be easier to cope with the low points and you will lose weight successfully and keep it off.

Take each step at a time and always remember that the effort you put into your heath will pay off in form of a huge sense of achievement you feel when you are feeling and looking fantastic.

Remember: Every day you’re working on your body to make it a reflection of the beauty within

One last note on motivation (kids)

If you have kids, think about them. What unconscious habits are you perpetuating in them?

If your kids see you taking care of yourself, they will unconsciously be more inclined to do the same

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After studying human behavior for years to get himself out of some tough spots in his life... everything changed. He went through the most difficult time in his life. In one year he went through divorced, was in a motorcycle accident, Father was diagnosed with cancer, and then his father took his own life after "beating" the cancer. That year made him decide to help as many people as he could to feel alive again. To truly take back their life, and love themselves at a new level. With one of his primary goals to help people find happiness in themselves, and reduce the use of anti-depressants. Fitness and health are also extremely important areas in which he takes part in.