Meet Blake

For me... fitness changed my life. I was in a serious relationship that didn't work out... I lost myself in it and didn't know who I was anymore. The ONE thing that I decided to do for me was to get Fit.

That's where it all started. But, interestingly enough.... every other aspect of my life started to change as my body did. The quality of the people I had in my life was higher, I landed a job paying me more money, finally felt confident in myself... and the first step was fitness.

Knowing isn't enough, you must take action on what you know... and I love helping people find their reason WHY and what it will take for them to follow through.

I've read about and talked to a lot of people that have similar stories of taking their life back, starting with their body. It inspired me in a big way to say the least.

In order to change my body I became obsessed with understanding why the body did (or didn't) do certain things. Bio-physiology became a passionate hobby of mine. People started to take notice of the changes I created for myself, soon I was helping friends and family. After that, I was helping personal trainers, and even a few local athletes.

How do you get yourself to take a massive positive change AND follow through?

The internal game is everything and that became obvious. Reading books, articles, courses, live events, and many other things later I started helping people in that area too, often times with bigger effect than the "fitness strategies" themselves.